I am in my fifties and am involved in IT married with 2 children ( out the house but not the pocket) . I do mainly nature Photography in and around Cape Town and South Africa. I do appear to do a lot of birds but that is because they are easily accessible and do games when I get the opportunity ( I am not a twitcher) . I do national parks trips ( Extended) about 3 times a year and shorter ones when the opportunity arises.) We are particularly lucky in South Africa to have a large variety of fauna and flora. You still have to find then though ( we don’t fall out the door and they are lined up for the visitors) and I have spent many uncomfortable hours like all nature people sitting in swamps, getting a backside full of thorns , or getting yourself tangled up in a barb wire fence, or the normal freezing in winter and getting roasted and bitten by horse flies in summer.

I however really enjoy what I do and this sometimes gets me into trouble with my wife. I shoot Olympus DSLRs and have a variety of lenses. Most of my stuff is shoot handheld as I find a tripod constrictive, and a monopod if not useless always getting in the way. My main field gear at the moment consists of an Olympus E-30 and a Sigma Bigma for far away stuff , Sigma 105 Macro for short close up stuff , and a Olympus 12-60 for wide and general . I generally carry a Olympus E-520 with an Olympus 18-180 and an Olympus 70-300 around with me in the car for the “Opportunist “ shots. I shoot RAW/JPG and PP all my stuff. I hope you enjoy my site for what it’s worth.