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National and Provincial Parks

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National and Provincial Parks


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South African Birds

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Wild Life and Nature

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2.Erich Keser(non-registered)
Your work is wonderful!! What a tribute to love of the wold things and the - sometimes difficult - country that you are in! And here I thought that I was courageous for going out on -25C days and in the occasional blizzard. Here, the only remote animal threat is the rare cougar that happens to roam through one of the few remaining unsettled areas - or occasionally a golf course ;-) - during a winter storm.

The pictures of Rhinos and elephants especially, made me a little queasy, as- once hoping to visit your beautiful continent - I read and learned enough of the experiences of others to know how dangerous - even deadly - these can be. (Apparently lions are usually safer if one is halfway intelligent.).

Great work, and a lovely website!
1.Hans H. Siegrist(non-registered)
Lovely website, congartulations, Collin. Ah, Africa, when will I return next time?

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